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A Round Up

I had a stressful week and I took it out on Saturday. I watched the whole second season of The Fall on Netflix, stared at my unfolded clean laundry on the couch, trolled the internet and snuggled my dog.   It was exactly what I needed and I'm not sorry I spent the whole day in PJs. 

Here are some fun things I found/re-found in my lazy love affair with the couch yesterday.  

1. Monster Map of The United States  


Found here

2. Artlexa Chung on Instagram


3. Suli Breaks


4. Mug Mania on Etsy

Seller: Jesshunterceramics

Seller: TaylorTwoShop



5. Interesting opinion article on technology and special education

Awww Shucks, I'm Back

Awww Shucks, I'm Back

Happy Birthday Dolly!