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Music Monday

Revisiting some old "new discoveries" from my trip to Icelandic Airwaves in November 2014.  

1. Mr. Silla is finally on Spotify, so you can now listen to her stuff to your hearts content.  I was able to see her preform twice during airwaves which was a huge treat.  She has an amazing stage presence and fits perfectly into the "Bad Ass Icelandic Musician". 

2) Junius Meyvant is perfect for any kind of lazy weather(gloomy, early morning, rainy, misty, muggy, late afternoon etc).  His stuff automatically lulls me into feeling all the feelings.  He was also an amazing performer and HILARIOUS. I didn't expect him to be so funny listening to his music, but he really could have doubled has a stand up comedian. Lets be real, I've got a ging crush on him.

3. FM Belfast is pretty well known, but I can't resist.  Their music is so danceable and bright, still a go to for turning any get together into a dance off fun fest.  They too put on an amazing, sweaty, dance crazed show.

Gonna stop at three so I can return to the arsenal of amazing bands I discovered on the Airwaves trip for many more Mondays to come.

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