Welcome to our blog.  Slip into something more comfortable and stay a while. 

Why Not Now?


Here I am throwing my hat into the blogosphere.  To be completely honest I am nervous that this will become another project that I start and let fizzle.  The expected outcome of this space is uncertain but I have more possible ideas floating around my head than I care to deal with.

That felt nice to admit.

List of Things I Do Know

1. I'm working on carving out time for those day to day ordinary thrills

2. I am a middle school special ed teacher and have some workaholic tendencies. In all fairness how could you not when you get to have as much fun at work as I do?? 

3.  I am staring 25 years of age straight in the face. I have 4 months to prepare for my quarter life crisis. 

4. I'm sick of posting links on facebook so I can find them later which never seems to work out

5. I'm inspired by The Toast, Rookie Magazine, Design Love Fest, Sho and Tell, Emma Dime, Humans o New York, Love Taza,

6. I live in San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I want to document, share and remember just how special this place is.

So here is to taking the time to let those ordinary thrills momentarily sweep you off your feet.

A little too much holiday spirit