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Music Monday

Hi Hi Hi!

Happiest of Mondays! The day has just begun, but I have already rode my freshly fixed bike to the gym, sloshed my blood around at yoga and ate an unbelievably tart mandarin so I'm feeling invincible. This is going to be the most productive Monday off EVER.

Here are two mind blowing videos of Moses Sumney doing his thing. I'm really obsessed with his music right now and just found out that he is playing in San Francisco on Valentine's Day! Clearly destiny has smiled upon me.

He is so incredibly good, right? Take a couple breaths and now get ready for all of your insides to just straight up melt with this next one.

If you aren't completely in love at this point you might not have a heart or soul.  You are probably missing both and should get that checked out.

Have a fantastic week! It is apparently supposed to be 70 degrees on Friday and Saturday, so keep that in mind if you are hitting some speed bumps in your week.

Happy Birthday Dolly!

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