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Music Monday

With NYE right around the corner I think we can all do with a good dose of music videos to inspire our very own festivities.  Both of these videos are amazing and mind blowing in their own very unique ways.

Quadron has that whole funky sexy fresh tasseled mint leotard thing going on that makes us all want to let our inner dance divas out.  Unfortunately I will not be wearing a similar outfit to usher in this new year, but it may be on the horizon for New Year's Eve 2015.

 Shamir's video on the other hand is dangerously close to convincing me to try brandishing a whip as my next party trick. Rubber band guns are looking equally novel and I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the super fun cowbell infused beat.

I cannot be held responsible for the dance moves or outfits inspired by these works of art, but please do enjoy.

Some Late New Years Resolutions

Sammy the Explorer