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2015 was truly a great year.  It was busy and exciting, full of travel and accomplishments as well as a fair bit of disappointment and growth.  Looking over my resolutions from last year I think I did a great job tackling some of them and I'm proud of the progress I made. I thought it would be nice to review the goals I made last year before diving in to new ones.

Year in review via Instagram

Year in review via Instagram


2015 List of Loose Resolutions In Review

1. More Travel- Killed it.  I definitely blew this one out of the water.  I was able to travel to Chicago, Tulum, Mexico City, Yucca Valley, Minneapolis, Portland(twice), Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.  As I am fairly successful at this resolution and don't plan on stopping, this will probably make it to this years list as well.

2. More Reading- According to audible I downloaded 10 books this year and I read probably 5 actual books.  Feeling good about this one too.

3. Wake Up Earlier- F on this one.  :/ oops.

4. More Organization- Kinda iffy on this one.  I think I made some definite progress but I would like to continue working on this adult life skill.

5. More Thoughtful- I grew a lot professionally and personally this year.  I had many experiences that were challenging and forced me to take a step back and evaluate my thoughts and choices. Although this year presented a lot of challenges, overall I felt like I did take time to think things over and grow from the experience.

6. More Creation- I picked up water color and dabbled in some other creative ventures as well.  I realized a big hurdle in creation is the space available in my apartment, I'll have to get creative about this.

7. Less Stress- Life is always full of stress, but this year I did a good job managing most of it. Feeling positive about my coping mechanisms. 

8. Less Self Judgement- Feeling great about this one as well!  Always room to improve, but I think I was able to be less harsh and more easygoing.



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Awww Shucks, I'm Back

Awww Shucks, I'm Back