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Some Late New Years Resolutions

I love New Year's Eve and especially New Year's resolutions, but to be honest I completely suck at keeping my resolutions!  Follow through in general is something I need to work at which is part of the reason I started this blog.  I'm going to try out making some goals for this new year, and lets just see how it goes.



Year in Review

This last year I finished my first year of teaching, worked myself to the bone, completed my Master's degree, moved in with my boyfriend, traveled, began teaching at a new school, made some really great new friends, and kept in touch with old friends. I learned a lot about myself and how I work best. I took the time to notice what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Looking back on 2014 I realize that I accomplished a lot of long term goals and I somewhat unintentionally reached a new phase of my life. 

This new phase is kinda weird and i have to feel it out. At times I feel incredibly grown up and accomplished and two minutes later I realize that I locked my cell phone and keys in my apartment or I lost my new glasses prescription.  No one tells you that you have growing pains well into your 20's, but let me tell you, it is real.  So in this upcoming year I have some things I want to focus on which I have listed in my 2015 list of loose resolutions which you will conveniently find below.

2015 List of Loose Resolutions

1. More Travel

This year I was able to go to Iceland which had been one of my long term travel goals for as long as I remember!  Once I bought the flight tickets I looked on my bookshelf and realized that I already had two Iceland travel books I had bought years ago, what a nerd. I also had trips to San Diego, Maui, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite.  I really want to continue to prioritize traveling, there are so many places I still want to go and there is little that makes you grow more than experiencing new places.

2. More Reading

I got an audible account last year and that has really increased the amount of books I was able to read.  I also work part time doing events at a bookstore so I have NO excuse not to.


3. Wake Up Earlier

I really want to quit hitting the snooze and come up with a nice grown up morning routine.  It would be great if i could eventually get to the point where I can have time to make and eat breakfast, but ya know, lets take things slow.

4. More Organization

I am really going to try to be a little more organized both at work and at home.  I believe this calls for some sort of filing system and labeled shelving. 

5. More Thoughtful

Taking some quiet time to think things over and process them is definitely on my to do list for this year.  I have a couple of ideas about how to carve out some thoughtful time in my day and I'm excited to see how they work out.


6. More Creation

I absolutely love to make crafts and projects.  I have about 6 unfinished projects in my closet that I really should get around to finishing.  This is the year of making cool things and finishing the cool things waiting in my closet.

7. Less Stress

I'm going to really try to let go of things that are out of my control.  Leave work stress at work. Take a deep breath and realize that it is ok if I don't get everything done all the time! Some things take time and need to be adjusted over time.  This year I realized how valuable letting people and things take their own time can be. 


8. Less Self Judgement

I tend to be really hard on myself and people who are close to me. This year I want to be kinder to myself and let my loved ones make their own mistakes.  I want to do things because I want to do them(ie this blog) and not care if they don't turn out as great as I hope they will or if other people don't approve.  My motto is YOU DO YOU!


So cheers to a brand new year of adventures and laughs and new friends and old friends and frustrations and victories and Oprah Ah Ha moments.


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